Rebecca Standfield McCown –

“I did it! I took it really slow and just enjoyed a very long tour of the city. I finished in 3:53 (just under a 9 minute mile pace- most were about 8:40 but I took the uphills and downhills very slow). My slowest marathon in about 3 years but it happened and my body feels pretty good. The knee held up and hasn’t hurt since finishing!

Thanks for seeing me through my small panic these last few weeks. On to Boston training (after a nice rest).”



I was having horrible shoulder pain that increased at night and I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t sure where to turn. I called BE Fit, explained my issue and was able get in right away. They explained my prognosis, helped me get my orthopedic workup fast-tracked, and provided immediate help to reduce my pain and get me sleeping better. Although I am not looking forward to surgery, I know that BE Fit will be there to help me, and I look forward to continuing my rehab with them.

R.C. Wilder, VT

I was experiencing sleep interrupted by hip and shoulder pain, I could not bend to reach things on the floor, and I was generally uncomfortable, unable to exercise and moving about gingerly, I could not swim for even a short period of time without pain in my hip or shoulder. I made a phone call to BE Fit.  To my surprise and pleasure, I was scheduled that day, after my first visit with Lois my pain level was half what  it was when I arrived at BE Fit.  They were respectful of my pain but taught (me) certain exercises, stretches and orderly procedures that on my own, I could use to control the pain. Now I am swimming and sleeping pain free.

As an additional, seemingly small, but helpful and comforting piece of my experience with BEfit is that the administration of my claim and my appointments were smooth and without additional effort on my part.

Laurie Albert, CCBA Masters Swim Coach 

I went to BE Fit seeking improved mobility following a hip resurfacing operation. I had worked with two other physical therapists after the operation, and had many sessions of deep tissue massage as well, over the course of two years. Though the operation itself seems to have gone well, my mobility in general and stride in particular were limited and seemed to have plateaued. David got to the heart of the problem quickly and was extremely helpful in explaining what was going on and at providing therapy that I was able to comply with. I’m walking farther and faster than I have in several years, without pain. Plus, I made an overnight round trip to Westchester a couple of weeks ago and was pleased to realize that I had driven 4 hours each way in comfort.

Chris Weinmann  Norwich, VT

I came to BE Fit with a knee injury from a skiing accident. David took time to understand and explain what he thought was happening with my joint. He not only prescribed a physical therapy regime, but he explained how the exercises could help me recover. Now I’m back on my feet and looking forward to an advanced mountaineering course followed by an attempt to summit Mount Hood in Oregon!

Rick Cote, Williston, VT

After having multiple knee surgeries, I was not eager to have another round of PT after my last knee replacement revision. I thought, oh no, same old, same old, so I decided to try BE Fit for my recovery. David was relaxed and soon we were almost enjoying the push and shove, bend and straighten, lift and hold, and the myriad of exercises that follow joint surgery, Be Fit is friendly, parking accessible,( a big plus), and offers a calm atmosphere. Aside from being a local lad, David brings a wealth of experience to the job, As they say, Buy Local…. buy BE Fit!

Willy Black, Hanover, NH

I began therapy with David because I had adhesive capsulitis (of the shoulder).  I was in constant pain and had little mobility.  David developed a treatment plan that helped me to begin to heal and regain mobility. I was able to use the exercises he suggested at home and I now have full mobility with no pain. Thanks David!

C.B. Quechee, VT

I worked with David to help eliminate knee pain.  He’s worked with me in the clinic and has given me exercises to follow up with at home.  David takes the time to discuss my concern with me.  He works on different techniques during my clinic visits, and he gives sound advice. I appreciate that scheduling is flexible.

Pam Mobilia  Norwich, VT

I brought my 13 year old son to BE Fit for a consultation because he was experiencing hip pain while playing youth soccer.  BE Fit was able to listen to my description of his problem and then direct me to the appropriate services. I was unsure where to start. Over the phone I learned that because my son plays for Lighting Soccer he is eligible for a free consultation. I was able to get an appointment for the very next day, which I appreciated as each practice seemed to be getting worse for him. One of the therapists evaluated him and prescribed a series of stretching and strengthening exercises. We did and are still doing these exercises and the hip flexor pain has stopped. My son is now off and running (and kicking) for his spring soccer season.

Nancy Cressman  Lightning Soccer Mom

My experiences at BE Fit Physical Therapy have been very satisfactory. Each time, I have had Dave Barlow as my therapist; my injury improved and was healed within the time frame explained to me.  BE Fit has a pleasant environment: everyone is very friendly and helpful, the area is neat and clean, and office staff, and therapists knowledgeable and helpful.  It is also a place where one can relax while doing difficult and sometimes stressful exercise work. In short, if one has to undergo physical therapy for an injury, this is the place to go and smile while you work hard.

—J. Wolter,   Etna, NH

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