Running Assessment

runningassessmentWhether you are running competitive marathons or just enjoy getting out on the road or trail, BE Fit offers individual assessments of your running mechanics.

We provide a very comprehensive evaluation that includes:

  • Assessment of lower extremity biomechanics (trunk, hip , knee and ankle),
  • Strength and flexibility measures
  • Gait analysis including video on treadmill
  • Foot mechanics, foot type, classification
  • General postural issues related to running styles, stride and technique
  • Various training tips or strategies
  • Information on various shoewear suggestions, inserts or orthotic needs.

These evaluations can be helpful for improving your comfort as a runner, reducing or eliminating chronic or acute pain with running, providing training tips and injury prevention programs, and helping you reach a certain goal or improving overall performance.

Feel free to contact the office for further information or to set up an appointment.





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