Orthotics – Custom, Semi Custom and off the shelf inserts

BFOlgOrthotics come in many variations and styles but in general are designed to help  with influencing or controlling motion at the foot and ankle to allow improved  biomechanical alignment though the entire Lower extremity. Orthotics can aid in   alleviating pain in many regions of the body by reducing the strain caused by poor  alignment, a lack of support, or insufficient shock absorption by the foot and ankle.

Many indivduals associate the use of orthotics with painful conditions of the foot  such as plantarfacsitis, tendonitis, shin splints, stress fractures often due to overpronation. issues, however more often than not the poor foot mechanics will lead to knee hip and low back stress that may be the precipitating factor beside  foot pain. ir alterations in the foot can contribute to

BE Fit offers multiple types of orthotic inserts ranging from off the shelf inserts to fully customized sport and dress orthotics.  We offer a semi-custom orthotic by Quadrastep.  This orthotic is less expensive when compared to a full custom option, and we can often customize it just as well as a full custom orthotic with a few modifications.

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Custom Orthotics

Many Individuals often require a more custom fit and various rear and forefoot posting that cannot be accomplished by a simple of the shelf inserts. At Befit we design and cast our orthotics after a full foot assessment and evaluation process that includes:

Specific ankle and foot measurements, postural assessment,  video analysis and casting of your feet, followed by fabrication of custom orthotics.  Stride Orthotics completes our fabrication process.  They have more than twenty five years of experience as an industry leader and they work one on one with our PTs to get the most custom orthotic for your needs.

Please ask Dave and Eric any questions you might have about our extensive orthotic offerings.


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