Tapping in acupuncture needleKnown as DRY NEEDLING

There are different styles of Dry Needling and BE Fit uses the myofascial trigger point release method. This method is a safe effective technique that uses fine acupuncture needles to release tight bands of the muscle that cause pain locally or in other areas of the body. The purpose of the dry needling is to reduce or eliminate pain, increase motion and assist in restoring function. The benefits are seen within 1-3 sessions. Most people can receive this type of treatment, but if they can not the technique can be done by hand.

Currently Linda Smith-Blais ,PT  and David Barlow, DPT, OCS are the only staff members performing myofascial trigger point release via the dry needling technique. Linda received her training with one of the leading Myofasical Pain and Dry Needling experts in this field , Jan Dommerholt, DPT, MPS. She attended the Janet Travell, MD Series TM completing 103 hours of class time and has been practicing this technique since 2007.  David started exploring the dry needling technique in 2015.  He currently focuses his treatment to upper back, neck and extremities.  





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