We at BE Fit know how disrupting an injury can be, and feel that physical therapy should reduce the frustration, not add to it!  To that end, we strive to make your care as easy and comfortable as possible.  Our front office staff will treat you as a respected individual at each visit, and we have many systems in place to ease the burden of scheduling your visits: email and text reminders for appointments, early and late appointment availability (730 AM to 7 PM), real live help available by phone throughout our extended hours, forms available online to complete at your convenience.  Our clinical staff have all had injuries themselves, and know where you are coming from.  We will treat you with respect and work hard with you to get back to whatever activities are important to you.  We strive to keep patients with one clinician, but can be counted on to work well as a team when needed, and also communicate well with others involved in your care.  We are sure you will enjoy our sunny and open floor plan, but we also have private treatment areas available when needed.  Time after time, our patients see their friends and neighbors here, and are actually happy to come back when injuries to occur.  We look forward to welcoming you to our family of patients.

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